For anyone who didn´t have the chance to get their hands on the full version of CatSpin yet, we have some good news!

CatSpin is today free in collaboration with the AppEvent-action in August! Visit for more free apps in the next days!

And that´s not all! After the AppEvent the price will go down! From €1,59 to €0,79 and $1.99 to $0.99 respectively, so that anyone who missed out doesn’t have to feel too bad.

In CatSpin you can help the hero Neko by controlling him through the world! And not only that; you can control the world itself! By rotating it round and round, using either the virtual buttons or the accelerometer, you make sure Neko is able to get to places that he would otherwise not have been able to reach, but watch out! When you rotate, keep in mind that fire always wants to burn up, rocks always fall down and wind keeps coming from the sides; this might just do all kinds of funky stuff inside a rotating room!