What started as a question from a student about tilemaps in games development ended up with CatSpin finally returning after 10 years! The beloved game released in 2010 for iPhone, iPad and iPod devices and was very well received in many countries! It had a huge update and is now available for the first time on most Android devices! There are five extra levels and everything has been made more difficult. Way more puzzle elements were added and the game is now more challenging than it already was! CatSpin is out right now! Download it at:

About CatSpin:

In CatSpin you help the hero Neko by controlling him through the world! Not only that; you control the world itself! By rotating it round and round, using either the virtual buttons or the motion controls, Neko gets to places he would otherwise not have been able to. When you rotate, keep in mind that fire always burns up, rocks always fall down and wind keeps coming from the sides; keep Neko safe while you solve all the puzzles! Set your fastest speed runs and show off those high scores on the online leaderboards for the world to see! Do you have what it takes?


– Featured on the front page of the US Apple App Store.

– Mentioned on the “New and Noteworthy” list in the US Apple App Store and many other countries!

– Mentioned on the “What’s Hot?” list on many countries’ App Store!


Key features:

– 55 levels had a huge update and the puzzle elements are harder than ever!

– Spin around in a platform game!

– Adventure, platformer and puzzle elements!

– Online High Scores on Leaderboards!

– Crisp and beautiful 2D graphics updated to fit modern HD screens!

– Funky soundtrack and sound effects!

– Virtual buttons or Accelerometer motion-controls!


Find more information at:


CatSpin Bamboo LevelCatSpin Castle LevelCatSpin Snow LevelCatSpin Cave LevelCatSpin Puzzle LevelCatSpin Rotating Level