We’re developing an awesome VR game experience for the HTC Vive. Although we can’t share much about it yet we do have some screenshots from early builds. Do keep in mind however that these are screenshots from earlier versions of the game. The final game might look different at certain parts. We can’t wait for people to put on their HTC Vive headset and play this in VR. It’s our first VR game so we’re very excited!



The game is an RPG with lots of quests. Players enter a fully immersive 3D world surrounding them and work they’re ways through lots of quests which they can find at the quest-counter in the village. There will be characters helping you out with your gear like a blacksmith, several shopkeepers and more. You set out to collect items, mine resources and defeat enemies for parts and loot which you can improve you gear with or make completely new armor and weapons! You’ll find these on islands all set in a different theme. Right now we’re working on a forest island but have a lot more islands planned. All of these have different themes like snow, desert, jungle, cave, etc.


Gamers will fight their way through with the tracked controllers packed with their Vive and use a different set of armors, swords and shields to keep getting stronger and stronger. All this in Virtual Reality!



We can’t share a release date yet, but since this is developed for the HTC Vive it’s obviously our intention to get this on the Steam Store. We haven’t released any game on the Steam Store yet so this process is new to us, but we’ll do our best and get this awesome VR RPG game out there for all of you. It’s going to be awesome! Keep checking this site for more information and a release date in the near future.



What we can do for now is to share some screenshots where you see different locations to set out to. The first is the beach where players arrive to set out on finding the enemies for their loot or resources mentioned above. The second is from the village where players can change or upgrade their gear and start quests. The third screenshot shows a forest island where quests can be fulfilled. We hope you’re getting as excited as we are. Keep your eye out for more content as we share more and more about our RPG VR game.

VR Beach Scene

VR Village Scene

VR Forest Scene