Goro Goro Hero – iOS Beta Test 1 Started!

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We’ ve started with our first beta test with the iOS version of Goro Goro Hero!

If you’d like to be a tester as well, please send us a mail at beta@phurestudios.com !


30 days remaining!

Goro Goro Hero – Gameplay Trailer

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Our next game is called Goro Goro Hero and will be available for the App Store and Google play!

Don’t forget to watch it in 1080p 60fps!

Our Next Game For Android And iPhone / iPad

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Our next game is in it’s beta phase right now and everything still has to be optimized and polished up, but it’s time for it to start shining a bit already! It’s being developed for Android and iPhone/iPad devices. Controls already feel very responsive and fast; you control the character with motion controls and jump with a simple touch on the screen.

Screens shared here are from the beta version and the final product might be somewhat different of what you currently see, but it’s almost done!

How far can you make the hero roll off of the volcano while you dodge lava-rocks and jump over lava rivers and avoid other dangers coming at you!?


Wakey Wakey Penguin Now Also Available On Android Devices!

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Let’s start by sharing that the update for the iPhone and iPad versions (v1.1) are now live and can be downloaded for free! This really is the best build of Wakey Wakey Penguin and makes the game more enjoyable so make sure you update! 😀

And we’re really happy to announce that our first Android game is now live as well on the Google Play Store! You can download it for free at:

Now go beat those online High Scores! 😛

Wakey Wakey Penguin Is Now Available On The AppStore For Free!

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Now available on Apple’s AppStore, completely free: Wakey Wakey Penguin!

Show us how high you can go with those scores on Game Center!

You can download Wakey Wakey Penguin completely free at:


In Wakey Wakey Penguin you try and wake up all the penguins by pushing a penguin-parent into the group. But as soon as those penguin-parents are done sliding, they fall asleep as well! You gotta make sure that everybody stays awake!

Luckily, the next penguin-parent is right around the corner. Every penguin is able to wake each other up though, once they bounce into each other, but if you see a penguin-parent slack off, just wake ’em up with another penguin-parent for a huge bonus score!

It’s a very enjoyable, simple and addictive game to play! Can you beat your High Score this round? If not, surely you can do better in the next!?

And just when you thought you’d become pretty good at it, Game Center shows you how well others are playing…

Must… beat… them…

Wakey Wakey Penguin is one of those games you can just pick up and play straight away with very simple controls, but be prepared to get addicted!

Wakey Wakey Penguin offers:

– clean, crisp graphics
– penguin sound effects which set a funny tone
– High Scores which will drive you mad!
– Game Center online leaderboard, to get extra competitive!

Just make sure you go easy on those baby-penguins when they get in your way, okay? 😉

Wakey Wakey Penguin, Submitted To The App Store!

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Wakey Wakey Penguin is the title of Phure Studios´ next iPhone game. We´re aiming for this to be an Android game as well in the near future, but iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users get it first!

And they don´t have to wait long anymore either! The game has already been submitted to the App Store for Apple to review it! Exciting times!


New Game In Development!

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Wow! After being inactive for quite some time we’re back with a new iPhone game! It’s still in it’s alpha phase, but we’re almost done, adding the last bits to it! Once it’s in it’s beta phase, we’ll be looking for some testers again. Besides all that, it’s about time we update this website… More about that soon…

Please don’t mind the simple fonts and the rest of the GUI: this is still in development as well and will get a huge overhaul, but for now, here’s a picture of it running at 60fps on an iPhone 4S:

Chefs Attack is FREE for a whole day!

Posted on 22 January 2011 | No responses

Yup, that’s right! It’s Chefs Attack’s turn to participate in the AppEvent! Chefs Attack is today free in collaboration with the AppEvent-action in January! Visit http://www.appevent.com for more free apps in the next days.

Chefs Attack is a hectic, addictive puzzle game in which you need to put items of the same kind on top of eachother to get higher and higher scores.

Vote for CatSpin and Chefs Attack!

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At Comboapp.com they are having their Holliday App Awards and mailed us about it. CatSpin and Chefs Attack can now be voted on daily in their respective categories:

CatSpin for “Most Innovative Christmas App”: http://marketing.comboapp.com/nominationApps/364015155.html
Chefs Attack for “Best Christmas App”: http://marketing.comboapp.com/nominationApps/396430727.html

Please vote for both in their own category (apparently you can do this daily) and with a bit of luck we’ll see them win!


Posted on 30 December 2010 | No responses

We wish everybody a Happy New Year as we hop into 2011. Wow, time really does fly when you’re having fun. Here’s to another great year of gaming and games to come! Cheers!

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